KritsHotel is the establishment of the family of Dr. Joseph Kritsotakis. Our family business KritsHotel & Apartments is located in Hersonissos – Heraklion Crete. We are striving to keep our services and our facilities at a sufficient level to meet the demands of our visitors.

From the very beginning till your departure, you will enjoy the friendly atmosphere of our family establishment. Our goal is to offer unforgettable holidays with personal service, relaxation and comfort. Welcome to Krits Hotel!

crtan in traditional costume

Crete is famous for its hospitality, culture and the way that locals treat guests. Since the first moment you set foot on the island of Crete they will make you feel most welcome. Giving advises, directions, help, always smiling and sharing Cretans are unique. Crete is a blessed land, with authentic people that honour their guests.

The culture and their character was influenced by the different conquerors in the course of their history, Cretans are culturally multidimensional and never fail to impress their visitors. Hospitable, joyous, vigorous, traditional and modern, they will be glad and proud to show you around, urge you to taste all (and there are truly many) their local products, and tell you stories and myths about their island.

It is most common in a Cretan neighbor for locals to share fresh eggs, fruits, vegetables, homemade food, sweets etc. Locals hold this principle in the same way as the virtue and honor, thus combining ethical values that made both through friendship and through the family.