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Traditional Cretan cuisine is renown not only because it consists of a series of delicious dishes but also because it provides a world famous healthy nutritional pattern. Based on local products, such as extra virgin olive oil, herbs and green vegetables, it is a cuisine so simple and so tasty that manages to reveal the taste of the ingredients in the most delicious way.

Some of the most famous dishes are:

Ofto (roast meat) or Antikristo (roast meat cooked around the fire)
Cooked local snail
Pies with local dairy or green herbs
Dakos (Cretan rusk with fresh tomatoes and feta cheese)
Gamopilafo (traditional food at weddings gamopilafo is rice cooked in meat broth)
Roast lamp with stamnagathi (a local green herb)

This is only a small selection of dishes and it is important to mention that Crete is famous not only for the traditional Cretan cuisine, but also for its tasty food in general. You can look for more information about Cretan cuisine at: www.cretan-nutrition.gr

Cretans are famous food lovers and you will find here also delicious Greek cuisine plates or international cuisine. The secret is fresh local materials combined extra virgin olive oil, meat from small local producers and dairy products from local shepherds and farms. Here you can also taste mousaka, Greek salads, Souvlaki and fresh fish.

Krits Hotel Rooms and apartments can provide all the local dishes of Cretan or Greek cuisine with a price range from 7-14 euro per dish.
Pre-order from our menu and you can enjoy a delicious meal at our premises!

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